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Pros And Cons Of Lasik

Pros And Cons Of Lasik

By Kevin Stith

LASIK eye surgery has been the most recent development in correcting visual problems and thus, an alluring option for people suffering from similar diseases. However, like all the other developments in medical science, a LASIK surgery also has its advantages and disadvantages contributing to the pros and cons of a LASIK surgery. The best way to reap the utmost benefits of LASIK surgery would be to gain enough knowledge about the pros and cons and then decide whether opting for a LASIK would be really beneficial or not. Comprehensive tests and screening combined with consultation with the concerned doctor would then, help the patients in evaluating the consequences.

LASIK surgery is known to have quick recovery and immediate results. It has been observed that the eye acuity of the patients improves up to 85% within a day of the surgery. LASIK surgery can be performed within minutes and is essentially painless. Compared to other types of eye surgery, only a short gap is required for performing LASIK surgery on both the eyes on the same day. Most of the LASIK patients describe the operating procedure involving a sensation of pressure while the corneal flap is being created, but not pain.

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While the pros of LASIK seem quite impressive, the cons may equally involve sufficient consideration and importance. If diagnosed incorrectly, LASIK surgery may lead to permanent debilitating visual symptoms such as double vision, night vision, glares, and halos. In case of farsighted patients, the effects of the surgery may reduce with age and the person may go back to the usage of glasses or contact lenses.

The success of the surgery depends largely on the efficiency of the operating surgeon and staff training and thus, choosing an experienced LASIK surgeon becomes crucial. The possibilities of an imperfect flap and other surgical disorders may require repeating the process within 3 to 6 months of the first operation. The lack of long-term scientific studies has raised doubts about the safety of the procedure, but with the increasing number of patients and over the course of time, it might become more reliable and safer.

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